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Tonic F

Tonic F

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Women might think that their menstrual cycle is normal, but what is normal?  Dr. James's definition of normal:  no pain, no discomfort, and the flow is proper; its not too heavy, its not too light.  Menstrual cycles should come and go and there should not be any noticeable signs except for the flow. Tonic F will help to relieve the cramps, the moodiness, and the breast tenderness associated with menses.

Tonic F should be taken daily for 3 months. Once normal female function has been restored for three months, the dose can be cut in half.  If symptoms are still absent, the dose can be cut in half again, or discontinued. If the symptoms reoccur, Tonic F should be continued for a few more months. 

Traditional Uses:

Normalizes menstruation

Menstrual Cramps

PMS symptoms

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