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Brittany G.

I am amazed and delighted at the improvement in physical health my family has experienced by working with Scott James and Smarter Not Harder Health. We have received support on everything from broken bones to anxiety to brain fog to severe colds. I love the deep nurturing that the supplements provide, and the expert guidance from Scott and staff. Definitely recommend!


Ellie R

"Before I started Learning from Scott James my 6 year old daughter, would have frequent swollen glands, sore neck, throat and ears. She would chronically get infections in the soft tissue of her neck under her ears. We would often take her to the clinic and the pediatricians and ENTs would tell us it was an infection in her lymph nodes and put her on antibiotics. She was on antibiotics so frequently that she is now allergic to 3 different versions. At one point the glands in her neck were so swollen and sore that she was unable to turn her head. She was admitted to Primary Children's Medical Center where she received several rounds of IV antibiotics over the course of about 3 days. Had the IV antibiotics not worked, they were prepared to surgically drain the swollen lymph nodes. She was 3. Following that visit, we watched her more carefully and her ENT ended up removing her tonsils and adenoids hoping to prevent further incidents. They still occurred. We were frustrated. She was tired of antibiotics and would fight us to take them. We felt exasperated trying to figure out new ways to give them to her...it felt as though she was on them constantly. I visited Scott for myself and quickly realized he might be able to help with my daughter.

Scott gave us supplements for my daughter, along with a regimen to clean out her ears, nose, and throat. We also have an oil that can be applied topically. I will be honest, I was skeptical. The symptoms my daughter had seemed to be much more than something that could be treated naturally. However, Scott's recommendations just made sense to me. We immediately began the supplements and regimen with my daughter. She was MUCH more compliant swallowing pills rather than taking those nasty liquid antibiotics. Within days we saw results. It was undeniable. We kept her on the supplements and cleaning regimen until we felt she had been doing it long enough to be safe. It appears that she tends to collect "germs", dirty air, and whatever else may be going around, in her ears, nose and throat and her glands then swell. She has learned to feel it early on and we immediately go back to the higher doses of supplements and clean outs and within a day or two it is gone. NO MORE antibiotics. It is SO REFRESHING. It feels SO MUCH better and so much healthier for her. I don't know where we would be at this point had we not found Scott. It has probably been at least a year or more since my daughter has had to see the doctor for an infection. I really can't believe how much of a difference this has made in our lives.

I love everything he teaches. I am fascinated by all of the things you can learn about yourself and your body from Scott.

As a mother, I know how emotionally and mentally taxing it is to watch your child suffer...especially on a chronic basis. We all want the best for our children and I definitely feel that our pediatricians don't have all of the answers. I feel like Scott gives us an option to be proactive about our health, rather than just reactive to symptoms. As I mentioned previously, Scott's methods just make sense to me.

my daughter is not the only one who has benefitted from Scott. I have discovered ways to increase my body's ability to function at a higher level. I feel better, not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. I feel like I have a stronger arsenal to fight the fight to stay healthy as I age.

I really think it all just seems so logical. Watching our PH, for example...we watch the PH balance in water to keep it clean. We watch the PH in plants to help them grow. Doesn't it seem logical that watching our body's PH could help us to be healthier? Isn't it obvious that keeping an eye on your protein and sodium levels would help you function at a higher level? It just makes sense. I also love the idea of maintaining a level of good health rather than just reacting/medicating when something comes up such as sickness or injury.

I was initially unsure of all of the supplements. I do feel like supplements are not really regulated and who knows what really goes into them? However, between my daughter and myself, I have had enough of a witness of their validity. We have definitely seen results. Results that are much better and healthier, in my opinion, than what we have done in the past.

I HAVE recommended Scott to MANY of my friends and family members. I tell them our stories and share our results. Some of them take me up on it and I have had the privilege of seeing their results as well. I just feel empowered. I love that I have another option rather than just regular western medicine that seems to just treat symptoms.
I chose to Learn from Scott James because We were desperate. Sadly. We were looking for another option.

If you asked me Why should I do business with Scott James? I think I would share my story and our results. I would tell you to just be open to it, give it a try...if it works, it works. It has worked for us.

I wish I had the ability to process all of the information Scott has to share. We're working through things slowly, but it just seems like there is SO MUCH to learn and SO MANY options for healing. I look forward to understanding more.

The top three things I got from Scott, Better health overall. Peace of mind. Reassurance that there are other options.

Before I met Scott it was Sometimes very discouraging.

Now i feel Hopeful.

The results we got were so surprising!"



Niki Reeder

"Before I started Learning from Scott James I had Digestive problems, stress/anxiety
As I worked with him My digestion finally began improving and I saw real results fairly quickly

His approach, although natural, is very scientific. He's not just guessing what you need.
If any mom’s out there are on the fence i want you to know that i believe that Healing and being able to function and thrive as a mom is worth almost any sacrifice, and those are results that Scott James strives to help you achieve. I am so grateful for the real results I have experienced with his help; I am incredibly grateful to feel so much better than I did and to be able to handle more than I could before.

My favorite part of Learning from Scott was I could sense his confidence in his knowledge and approach, and that helped me feel more confident as well, even before I saw results.

At first Finances were my main concern, but Scott James was willing to work out a deal with me in the beginning. Also, I was a little concerned that he would tell me to go off gluten like most other natural health practitioners do, but I knew that wasn't the answer for me, and I was grateful to learn that he agreed.

I have seen better results with his advice in a shorter amount of time than I did with my previous practitioner, and I trust his advice and approach. He knows what he's doing!
The one thing that gave me confidence in working with him is He gave me some advice for my son's sleep issues before I ever started working with him, and it worked! We were at our wits end and didn't know what else to try, but Scott knew. After that I felt good about working with him for my own issues as well, and I saw the same positive results.

His approach works! Go see for yourself.

My main takeaway from working with Scott is The knowledge of how to assess what my body needs; the tools and practices to give my body what it needs; improved digestion.
His knowledge is sound and his approach works.

Before i found Scott i had Horrible bloating and gas, extreme irritability due to nutrient deficiencies, overwhelm and high sensitivity.

Now Bloating and gas happens MUCH less frequently, and I can usually handle stressors quite a bit better than before. Overall I just feel better.

It is amazing How quickly and well his advice began to work!"



Autumn Mayberry
Cameron, Missouri

"Before I started Learning from Scott James I noticed some difficulties my children and husband and I were having after we'd had Covid. Several of my clients had gone to see Scott and they had improved much more than I had ever expected they would in the timeframes that had passed, so we decided to give him a try for ourselves.

Now I understand much better how nutrition affects the body and behavior and physical healing, and how herbs can help where there are deficiencies and which herbs to use to do various things. I also understand how to perform Reams testing to check my family's nutritional needs and be able to choose the correct herbs to help them. Especially as my children age and go through different developmental stages and hormones also come into play more and more.

I like that He is honest, precise, and simply wants to teach each client how they can take their health into their own hands. Understanding how the body works nutritionally can really help people avoid sickness, help push the body in the right direction when they do get sick, and adapt when changes happen in both the internal and external environment. Scott's prices are very reasonable, and the supplements he offers are very high quality.

I think most moms who might be on the fence would hesitate only because they'd been taken advantage of before, or sought help from someone who really didn't know what they were doing, or because they don't understand how herbs and proper hydration actually work. He really does teach you how to know what you (or your kids) need, and how to know which herbs are needed to cleanse or help repair injured tissue.

It's very empowering to not have to be at the whim of salespeople or doctors who want to sell you anything/everything, or run thousands of dollars worth of tests to weed out wrong answers instead of using their heads and running a test or two to confirm what they think is wrong with you. Or, my favorite - when they can't find anything - tell you you're crazy or beyond help, just because they don't know how or won't help due to politics at their clinic/hospital. I reference these particular types of problems because I've personally experienced them all and know they happen.

Again, it personally empowered me to know what might be negatively affecting my children and knowing where to go to remedy the issue in a natural, side-effect-free (yet effective) way.

My concern was Not understanding how herbs can help - at least as effectively if not better, at times, than pharmaceuticals, which cause all kinds of negative side effects for me and my children. We don't have to experience those anymore.

I tell my best friends that if you've tried what I do in my clinic and that hasn't resolved the issue, there's a high likelihood it lies in the realm of what he does and you need to call him and schedule right away. His prices are great, and he will give you the honest truth about what he finds and probably tell you all the reasons why you're there without you having to say a word at all.

I saw the results he was getting for my clients (over 100 of them now!) and knew what he was doing was making all the difference for them.

He knows his stuff, and he'll be straight up with you about what he finds. His prices are very reasonable for all he can determine - AND he shows you how to do everything he does for you for yourself and your own family. Why wouldn't you go?? Nothing he could do would harm you in any way, and the wealth of information you'd gain from going to see him or learn from him will blow you away. I've had over 100 of my clients go to him and all of them were helped in one degree or another - most of them with results I know weren't from me, and weren't there with other doctors or therapists working with them as well.

I appreciate how willing he is to tell you how to do what he does. He doesn't hold anything back, and really wants to help all moms be confident in caring for their families - even when each member is completely different from all the others.
I now have Confidence in caring for my family and myself, greater health, being able to point others toward the help he offers and feeling grateful for the help they receive from him as well.

I would Absolutely recommend Learning from Scott because He's the real deal. Easy to understand and well worth the money spent to have that knowledge for yourself, and the proper herbs at your disposal.

Before I met Scott I always struggled knowing that nutrition was something my clients and family needed help with, but not knowing anyone who really knew what they were talking about - AND who offered natural solutions with no negative side effects.
Now I have greater confidence and peace as a mom.

I've prayed to find someone like Scott for many years - for me and my family, and for my clients. I'm so glad I've finally found him. I have complete faith in him and his methods."