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Stomach Eaz (Formerly Zime)

Stomach Eaz (Formerly Zime)

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Many digestive tract disorders are the result of an improper amount of bile secretions, a lack of digestive enzymes to break down food properly, or an overgrowth of yeast. The digestive tract should work harmoniously, just like a well-directed orchestra. Too much of one thing is very distracting and overpowering; for instance, too much bile can cause diarrhea, or too little can can constipation. The lack of these components will also cause disruption.

Stomach Eaz allows the body to balance the digestive function: it supplies the building blocks for digestive enzymes; it balances the pH; it thins down thickened bile so that it flows freer; it encourages the growth of friendly flora, reducing candida overgrowths; it decreases the reproductive abilities of Shigella, Salmonella and other bacteria-like invasions; and it makes the membranes of the digestive tract healthy so that foreign bacteria can not damage it.

Traditional Uses:



Acid Reflux



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