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We are in the process of transitioning from Dr. James supplements to the new Helth, Inc. supplements. Our naturopathic doctor, Dr.Scott James, is revolutionizing wellness with his own line of encapsulated herbal and mineral supplements. You can still enjoy the familiar and beloved Dr. James supplements, but now under a fresh new name. Building upon the reliable base of Dr. James' formulas, Scott enriches certain formulations by incorporating additional ingredients for optimal results. This not only enhances the potency and efficacy of each supplement but also guarantees they are more cost-effective under the new brand. You will see some Helth, Inc. supplements replace Dr. James supplements as they become available.

Collection: Respiratory System: nasal cavity, trachea, lungs, and diagphragm

Recommended Protocols for Common Problems: 

Allergies: Sinus Eaz start with 3 caps per day.  The dose can be doubled or tripled depending on severity of symptoms. Dose can repeated when effects wear off and symptoms return.  If problem has persisted and there is a chance of bacterial growth, add Immune Eaz 1-2 caps with each dose of Sinus Eaz.  Add I-brite 1-3 caps a day if eyes are involved.

Asthma: Lung Eaz 1-3 caps per day, Mucus Eaz 1-3 caps a day, Sinus Eaz- see allergy protocols, Anti Spaz as needed

Bronchitis: Follow protocols for asthma

Colds/Cough/Croup/Flu: Immune Eaz 4 caps 3 x a day, Sinus Eaz 2 x a day, Cough syrup every 1-3 hours as needed, Gland oil- rub on neck/lymph nodes, Comfrey gold salve- run inside of nostrils before bed.  Add Lung Eaz 1-2 caps 2-3 x a day and Mucus Eaz 1-2 caps 2-3 x a day if lungs are involved.

Emphysema: Follow protocols for Asthma with addition of Immune Eaz 1-4 caps 1-6 x a day

Mucus: Lung Eaz 1-2 caps 1-3 x aday, Mucus Eaz 1-6 caps per day, Sinus Eaz 1-3 caps 2-4 x a day

Pneumonia: Immune Eaz 1-3 caps 2-6 x a day, Lung Eaz 1-2 caps 1-6 x a day, Mucus Eaz 1-2 caps 2-6 x a day