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Urine Eaz (Formerly Bladney)

Urine Eaz (Formerly Bladney)

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The herbs in this formula provide the necessary nutrients for the urinary tract to function properly.  The kidney and bladder work to decrease unnecessary water in the body, but if this system is not healthy, they cannot do this. Urine Eaz gives the system what it needs to be healthy so that normal body function can return and the kidney and bladder can do their job. 

In order for the body to deal with swollen tissues properly it is necessary to continue to drink water so that the body will stop retaining fluid in its tissues. Drinking water, coupled with Urine Eaz, helps normalizes sodium and potassium levels. Urine Eaz helps keep the potassium in the system unlike chemical diuretics that chase it right out. 


Bladder and Kidneys

Uric Acid

Water Retention


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