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Repair Eaz (Formerly Tissue Mend)

Repair Eaz (Formerly Tissue Mend)

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Repair Eaz helps heal broken bones, torn ligaments, injured tendons, bruised muscles, and neck and spinal injuries. Repair Eaz is a wonderful formula for repairing tissues, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and bones. Recovery time for injuries is generally cut by half to one third when using this formula.

The herbs in this formula feed the tissues of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles, bones, hair and fingernails. Part of the reason that these systems do not heal as quickly after injuries is that they have an overabundance of toxins, combined with a lack of nutrients. Repair Eaz helps in the elimination of the toxins that have occurred during injuries. It also increases the delivery of circulation to the injury site.  The tissue then has the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients it needs in order to heal properly and quickly.  It also helps nails and hair to grow longer and stronger, faster.

Traditional Uses:

Hair, Nails, and Teeth


Bones and Muscles

Injuries and Surgeries

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