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Lymph Cleanse Eaz (Formerly Glauber Salts)

Lymph Cleanse Eaz (Formerly Glauber Salts)

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Lymph Cleanse Eaz has two purposes; First, it will dehydrate the lymphatic system, effectively “squeezing” impurities out from every part of the body and drawing them into the intestines to be eliminated through the bowels. This solution will act on the toxic lymph and body waste just like a magnet acts to attract nails and metal filings. Secondly, this body waste having been drawn into the intestines will pass out of the body in a series of copious elimination’s from the bowel, which may amount altogether to about one gallon or more. (Your body does not absorb the high sodium solution, it will pass out through the bowels along with all the icky stuff it gathers.)

Traditional Uses:

Lymphatic Cleanse

Colon Cleansing

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